Camp St. Louis relies upon the generous donations of time, talent, and treasure to operate.

Each year, there are specific projects which we are looking to undertake and specific fundraising requirements.  Please refer to the following list:

  • Zero turn lawn mower – Camp St. Louis requires a zero turn lawn mower to manage the grass for the grounds.
  • Firewood – Normally there is enough firewood from the fallen trees over the winter to use, but their are less and less trees to chop up.
  • Deep Freeze – This year we have had two deep freezes give out. We have been able to replace one but are in need of one more.
  • Staple Gun – We are not desperate for one, however we have been needing to borrow one for many small maintenance jobs.
  • Waterfront improvements – as Camp St. Louis prepares for ACA Accreditation, one of the few areas we need to make improvements on is our waterfront.  This includes the purchase of a swim barrier and additional signage.  Please consider donating to assist us with this project.
  • Camper Subsidy Fund – each year we have several campers who would like to attend Camp St. Louis, but their families lack the financial means to pay the registration fees.  And each year, we receive donations specifically to pay for them to attend camp!  We do not want finances to ever be a barrier to children attending our camp.  Please consider donating to send a child to camp.
  • Canadian Tire Money – a great way to help Camp St. Louis is to donate unused Canadian Tire Money.  We use it to purchase various items needed throughout the summer.
  • Vacuum Cleaner our vacuums in our buildings are circa the 1970s and very inefficient.  If you have a used vacuum cleaner (preferably one that does not require a proprietary filter or bag), we would be grateful for your assistance

If you wish to donate money for one of these projects, please contact the Director @ 780-379-7929 or click on the “Donate Now” buttons located at the bottom and right of the screen.

If you would like to donate time or materials, please contact the Director @ 780-379-7929.