Reid Richard

Reid Richard

Senior TEAM

Reid was born on April 26th 1994. He started attending Camp St. Louis in 2008 as a Camper, and got on TEAM for 2013 making this his 8th year on TEAM (Not counting 2 COVID years when camp hadn’t happened)! This April, Reid is set to graduate with his Bachelor of Arts from MacEwan University, and afterwards is hoping to get into the After-degree of Education program at U of A in order that he may work towards becoming a teacher.

From the beaches of Hawaii to the architectural splendor of Rome, Reid loves to travel–he hopes to continue this trend once the world returns to a calmer state. Reid loves reading, writing, drawing, piano, hiking, stargazing, and learning other languages. Since Camp St. Louis is one of Reid’s favorite places, as of how long he has been around, it comes as no surprise that he is excited to spend another summer at the Camp!

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.

Saint Francis of Assissi