Maggie Bekolay

Maggie Bekolay


Maggie started going to camp when she was 9 years old and attended for 10 years. She says camp became her home away from home when she was younger, and is very excited to be back and a part of a beautiful ministry! Camp was one of her first encounters of what authentic joy and love were and where her personal relationship with Jesus began. Maggie has been attending St.Therese Institute of Faith and Mission for the past three years and has grown deeply in love with her faith and the person of Jesus Christ! She is beyond grateful for the foundation of love that has been built in her life and is excited to share that love with everyone at camp this summer! Things that bring Maggie life are singing, dancing, cooking, creating beautiful things, attending music festivals, listening, laughing and smiling!

Do small things with great love.

St. Teresa of Calcutta

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