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  • Hot water heater in the log cabin – recommended replacement – hot water tank certified in 1988
  • Mess hall – air balance issue
  • Mess hall – hot water issue (after air balance is completed and ruled out)
  • Wells sucking sand – further investigation
  • Any rodent abatement that needs to be done.  I see there are holes under each building etc.  Need to install something to ensure the costumes etc in the church are not destroyed – significant issues in the chalet and the dorms.
  • Church – fix ceiling in back hall (needs to be sanded, ? paint, Blair started)
  • Trailer – purchase new fridge
  • Trailer – remove chair
  • Ravine – install a more secure cover over the “well”
  • Grotto eavestroughing
  • Log Cabin – replace sink in men’s washroom
  • Log Cabin – plug vents in floor of log cabin
  • Light over girls dorm door replaced
  • Urinal in log cabin continually running water – Greg
  • Church – fill holes from ramp (tripping hazard) – Anne
  • Eavestrough on the dorms replaced – contractor
  • Door to recycling shed needs to be repaired (it was “fixed” this summer but is broken already
  • Log Cabin septic pump failure – Mitch
  • Furnace in the log cabin – ignitor failure – replaced – Ryan


Fire Pit

We need something to collect the ashes from the fire pit and store them through the season.  Right now people are just taking the ashes and dumping them down the bank leading to the water.


Main project

  • I really want the dorms to be cleaned up and finished.  First, all walls should be finished and painted as needed.  Extra supplies removed (theres a bunch of wood leaning against the wall).  Closet cleaned out and inventory made and posted of what supplies are needed.  Any fixtures etc that need repair done, etc.  It should look nice and clean.  Then I would like some sort of decoration on the walls.  Either the chalk paint or paintings etc.  We will tackle the bed situation as a separate project, but these dorms just look so sloppy.  Rustic is rustic, sloppy is sloppy.
    • Boys side:
      • Walls painted – fronts completed – washrooms and main halls
      • screen doors (screens fixed but warped and exposed screws – may need to be completly replaced)
      • light covers
      • remove heaters?
      • face plates for electrical – stainless steel – started
      • window films replaced/repaired
      • switch out washroom plugs to GFI
      • fix base board in shower area – almost complete
      • CLR shower heads
      • shelving units in storage room
      • blinds in counsellor area
      • exhaust fan?
      • Remove door frame into bathroom and finish it off properly
      • remove door closer in bathroom
      • cover over the breaker box – Blair
      • light fixtures – plated – TEAM/Blair/Greg
    • Girls
      • shelving unit in storage room
      • wall repairs – started
      • exhaust fans
      • light fixture covers
      • electrical outlet plates – stainless
      • remove heaters?
      • screen door repair – started
      • light covers?
      • GFI in washroom?
      • paint walls (as above) – started
      • cover over breaker

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  • Exterior fence repair
  • Fence needs to be reflagged (roll of coloured tape) – CONFIRM COMPLETE
  • Bush area on north side of camp needs to have deadfall removed
  • Move the horseshoe pits to the septic field south of the dorms – started (fill in holes)
  • Finish talk area with chairs that Anne built
  • Mess hall kitchen – full cleaning, especially around oven
  • Mess hall – eavestrough downspouts
  • Church – check if floor scrubber works – if not, remove
  • Church – sacristy cleanup – everything moved into closet and closet lock put on – everything not needed removed
  • Church – light covers?
  • Church – furnace – does it work? Any maintenance required?
  • Church – chair cleanup – move to storage
  • Garage – plug chimney
  • Garage – remove high value items
  • Grounds – plant trees in Northwest treed area
  • Grotto – get access to storage area